Before we go live we have the betadays.

Current Projects
  • Tip Them App using .Net Maui
  • 100 Days Of Code 100 days of Web Development (
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    About BetaDays

    Betadays is the place where I connect all my building blocks together for practicing my skills as a software engineer.


    More About Me

    I use a lot of different tools in software development. Source code editors, frameworks, software languages, artechture tools, etc. Also during my carrer I've built many computer and servers that are used not only inhouse but as production machines.

    Source Code Editors

    Currently using Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code by Microsoft.

  • Atom a text editor /w atom-live-server package
  • Notepad ++ a different text editor
  • Visual Studio by Microsoft
  • Visual Studio Code by Microsoft
  • Sublime Text Another text editor
  • Hardware

    I have built computers for a living, worked as a support specialist at a college troubleshooting hardware and software. I've even installed and manage small SOHO networks.


    I've used many different types of software in my carrer: Microsft Windows, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, GitHub, Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server (Azure DevOps).


    I use quite a bit of differnet technologies. Here is just a small list: Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .Net, C#, Javascript, HTML, Windows Server, SQL Server, etc.

    Software and other technologies that I have used and/or currently using.