Dot Net Users Group Meeting

This was my second time going to a meeting for the local Dot Net Users Group. It wasn’t too bad. The topic was which is a program that allows you to share dot net code with projects that can be used to build Android and iPhone apps. I was hoping it was a fill all type program that didn’t require me to learn more than one language but that was not the case. Still would need to learn Apple and Android coding. All this does is allow to share some of the interdependent things which I guess is OK since it also got backing from Microsoft and I’m sure over time it will incorporate the other operating systems into a more generic type interface, only time will tell.

Microsoft Virtual Accademy

I’ve been slowly going thru the training course for Windows Phone 8. It’s for C# but since it uses XAML a lot it works for me in my learning since I’ve been a VB guy my whole life.

Dot Net User Group Meeting

Went to my first Dot Net User Group Meeting last night. It was interesting. The topic was on Windows Phone 8 Applications. With the speaker doing a bit of a demo on some of his projects. XMAL and C# and how you can do the same thing in both the XAML and in the C# code behind. That cleared up a lot for me since reading everything and seeing some Microsoft Virtual Academy videos where they show just one way of doing things but when you look at other peoples code you see the oppsite way that it is done. Still don’t know what way is best but getting their.

Also it was a bit strange since I really don’t get out and mingle with other programmers so it was nice to see that others have the same issues that I do with their setups.

Also I got a cool calendar that I can hang on my wall from Telerik. It was part of the swag they were giving out, which I didn’t know they still did stuff like that. I’m looking forward to the next User Group Meeting and I think I’m going to try to get to as many as I can this year until winter makes it impossible to go.

Jump Starts

Jump starts are usually free sessions that Microsoft offers to help people “jump start” their education on a using a one or two day event or even just an hour long session explaining how to start using a feature or service that Microsoft has.

A current Jump Start coming up April 24th and 25th is Windows 8 UX Design Jump Start that will be covering everything from Navigation, Layout to charms and using touch.

I’ve done a few of these live but I also have done them after they have been recorded and watched on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. As a matter of fact I just finished an eight hour Hyper-V training.

Channel 9 is a good channel to watch

I catch as much Channel 9 as I can

Born To Learn

Another portal into learning is the – Born To Learn – website run by Microsoft.

The blog section is filled with tips, tricks, and the latest information about books coming out and so on.

The study groups for certification section is just beginning so now is a good time to start getting involved with the certifications since there is really no posts there that you have to start looking though pages and pages of information to find something out. I can really see this becoming a one place right now once information starts flowing on it. And I mean that in the nicest of ways. I really hate being a late comer to a help site and have to sift though a lot of stuff.


Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy is a great place that Microsoft has developed to help people get familiar with what they have to offer. There are may IT items that help you start learning Windows 8 or even Windows 7 IT skills.

It is also starting to have more computer programmer related topics such as how to get certified in building windows 8 store applications.

It’s a great place to start.

Time For A Refresh Of Everything

Time has passed, things have changed, time to refresh everything.